Frequently Asked Questions

After installing Tukhi nothing happens. No menu, no toolbar, no nothing.

You need to set macro security to low in order for Excel to register add-in functions and macros. For Excel 2003 and earlier, go to Tools|Options... and click on Macro Security... in the Security tab. For Excel 2007 and later, from the Office Button click on Excel Options on the bottom right. On the Trust Center tab click on Trust Center Settings... On the Macro Settings tab choose Enable all macros.

Where is the Tukhi menu?
If you are running Excel 2003 or earlier, you will find it to the left of the Help menu. For Excel 2007 or later, you will find it in the Add-Ins tab.
Okay, now it's working, what do I do with it?

Locate the Tukhi menu and choose Samples... Open 0ReadMeFirst.xls. This simple workbook shows how Tukhi trades space for time in a spreadsheet. Next, peruse 1GettingStarted.xls to get an overview of what Tukhi can do. If you know how to play the game of craps, check out that tab in the Mosteller.xls workbook.

How come I can't cut and paste between sheets in a workbook?

You can, but you need to disable recalculation when you switch sheets. The dialog Tukhi|Configure... has a radio box called Reset. Uncheck the box next to Sheet. Just don't forget to do a manual reset when you switch to a new sheet. By default, changing sheets in a workbook causes the new sheet to be recalculated and this causes the clipboard to lose the data from the last cut.

Why isn't the Tukhi toolbar with the dice visible?

Because of a bug in Excel. Honest. Just close and restart Excel and the toolbar will show up. This should only happen one time. After that, Excel remembers your toolbar and where you've decided to place it.

What does Tukhi mean?

Τυχη is the Greek word for luck.