Fun Stuff to Download

The Tukhi installer

This is the first thing you should install. It contains the Excel add-in and sample workbooks for Tukhi.

The GMP library

This add-in hooks up the GNU multi-precision integer arithmetic library to Excel. The dumbbell.xls spreadsheet uses Tukhi to find primes of the form [1-9]0*[1-9].

IFERROR for Excel 2003 and earlier

A replacement for the Excel 2007 and 2010 IFERROR function.

Adjust the output of array functions

Adds a macro to the cell menu called XLL.ADJUST. Right clicking in a cell with an array function and selecting Adjust will resize the output of the array. As an added bonus, some array and random number functions are provided.

Floating Point Explorer

Everything you wanted to know about IEEE floating point numbers, but were afraid to ask. Ever wonder about frexp(), ldexp() and those other funky C library functions for ripping apart floating point numbers? This exposes them to Excel and shows you what is happening down to the bit level.

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